Graduate Advisees

  • In-Progress
  • Completed
All graduate advisees complete and graduated.

Christina Lidwin, MFA, VT, 2015
Committee Member
Thesis: Visual Imprints: Understanding Location Data Through Information Architecture

Dorian Davis, Ph.D., NC A&T State University, 2015
Committee Member
Thesis: Personalized Learning System: Type 2 Diabetes Preventative Care

Rachel Robinson, MFA, VT, 2015
Committee Chair
Thesis: Baby Talk: An app for the NICU

Justin Fine, MFA, VT, 2015
Committee Member

Alison Kim, MFA, VT, 2014
Committee Member
Thesis: Writing Images: Blending Drawings and Code

Gareth Griffith, MFA, VT, 2014
Committee Member
Thesis: Portrait of a Concert

Ryan Musselman. MFA, VT, 2013
Committee Chair
Thesis: What Effect does Ornamentation have on the Emotional Response and Perception of Motion Graphics

Megan Walker, MFA, VT, 2013
Committee Member
Thesis: bipolar[i].discuss();

Shamsul Abu Bakar, PhD, VT, 2012
Committee Member
Dissertation: Understanding Attitudes and Perceptions for Civil War Battlefield, Interpretive Images

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